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Welcome to Crystal Clear Estate Planning, where we pave the way for your peace of mind. Our software not only guides you through the process but also provides you with an extensive set of documents and features crucial for your estate's future.

Why Choose Crystal Clear Estate Planning?

Your Clear Choice

for Estate Security. Period.

Experience the Expertise: Our seasoned professionals ensure you receive a comprehensive set of documents tailored to your unique needs.

Clarity at Every Step: We provide all the essential documents and features to bring your estate plan to life.

Personalized Solutions: Align your plan with precision through documents such as the Revocable Living Trust, Income Only Option, and A/B Trust Option.

Transparent Fees: Know exactly what you're paying for - precise documents, expert guidance, and access to our exclusive features.

Importance of Planning

If you don't have a plan in place, the government has a 'one-size-fits-all' plan they will impose for you. This plan is slow, expensive, and completely public. Don't let this happen to you and your family. Get a plan in place to protect your family, your assets, and your peace of mind.

The Benefits of Crystal Clear Estate Planning

  • Peace of Mind: Protect your legacy and loved ones with a meticulously crafted plan.

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of our seasoned estate planners.

  • Clarity in Complexity: Navigate intricate legalities with ease, thanks to our clear explanations.

  • Client-Centric Approach: Your goals and concerns are at the heart of our strategy.

  • Avoid Government Impositions: Prevent costly and public government interventions with your personalized estate plan.


Easy: Built for you and me

Follow a simple step by step interview with "pop-up help" to explain specific terms unique to estate planning.


Fast: No more waiting

You can print your completed plan as soon as you finish the interview, no waiting!


Affordable: Saves you money

Our technology spreads the cost of hiring expert estate planning attorneys across thousands of users. Plus FREE updates with an active account. We believe everyone should have the best and most up to date estate plan, so we never charge when you make changes.


Flexible: You're In Control

Every family situation, asset class, and bequest option is at your fingertips. Estate planning is for everyone, not just those who can afford expensive attorneys. The US legal system is expensive, but protecting your family shouldn't be.

Fast Access, Easy Interface & Affordable

Solo or

Done With You

Expert Notary Ensures Document Execution

Your Legacy, Our Expertise: Crystal Clear Estate Planning

Crystal Clear Estate Planning:

Your Estate Planning Toolbox

Revocable Living Trust ($500 value): The cornerstone of your estate plan, ensuring privacy and efficient asset transfer.

Income Only Option ($250 value): Tailor your plan to your income needs with this flexible option.

A/B Trust Option ($1,000 value): Maximize tax benefits and asset protection with this advanced trust option.

Spendthrift Provisions ($200 value): Safeguard assets from spendthrift beneficiaries.

IRA 'Look-through' ($500 value): Optimize your retirement account planning with this feature.

Optional Sub-Trust for Children ($300 value): Secure your children's future with this customizable sub-trust.

Certificate of Trust ($50 value): Easily validate your trust's existence when needed.

Last Will & Testament ($300 value): A crucial backup for comprehensive planning.

24/7 Account Access ($150 value): Access your estate planning account anytime, anywhere.

Financial Power of Attorney ($250 value): Appoint a trusted individual to manage your finances if needed.

Healthcare Power of Attorney ($200 value): Ensure your medical wishes are respected.

Living Will & Advance Directives ($100 value): Make your medical and end-of-life preferences clear.

Online Funding Kit ($500 value): Streamline the funding process for your trust.

Unlimited Funding Letters ($150 value): Send as many funding letters as needed.

Online Document Vault* ($200 value): Securely store and access important documents online.

Unlimited Updates & Changes* ($300 value): Make adjustments to your plan as life changes.

1st year account subscription included ($29.95 value): Get started with a complimentary subscription.

Total Toolbox Value: $4,380

You also receive these exclusive benefits:

  • Free Consultations ($250 value): Expert guidance to kickstart your estate planning journey.

  • Educational Resources ($500 value): Access a library of knowledge to empower your decisions.

  • Document Storage ($240 value): Securely store and manage your vital estate planning documents.

  • Legal Updates ($500 value): Stay informed with regular updates on legal changes.

  • Checklists and Templates ($2,000 value): Simplify the estate planning process with easy-to-use resources.

  • Estate Valuation Tools ($10,000 value): Precisely assess the value of your estate.

  • Family Communication Guides ($500 value): Facilitate important conversations with family members.

  • Secure Sharing ($5,000 value): Safely share documents and information with designated individuals.

  • Regular Webinars and Workshops ($1,000 value): Ongoing education and community access.

  • 24/7 Customer Support ($5,000 value): Round-the-clock assistance for all your questions.

  • Financial Planning Integration ($5,000 - $20,000 value): Align your estate plan with your financial goals.

  • Estate Tax Calculators ($5,000 value): Calculate potential estate taxes for strategic planning.

  • Beneficiary Guides ($500 value): Make informed decisions on choosing beneficiaries.

  • All this without having to pay exorbitant attorney fees!

Benefits Value: Over $43K!

Crystal Clear Estate Planning: The Clear Choice for Your Peace of Mind


What Our Clients and Attorneys Say About Us

Mark K. MPrA., CPA, JD

Our attorneys have worked tirelessly to make sure these documents are compliant in all 50 states. So you can have a comprehensive estate plan, and know that it was done right!

A. Clarke

What a great experience this has been! I really appreciate your patience and thoroughness through this process. You have helped me understand what I need to do. Thank you for finding solutions to my unique problem, and for your helpful and professional attitude every step of the way.


I am a single mom that worried my kids would be sent to foster homes if something happened. THANK YOU for making this so affordable, now I know my children will always be in a good home.

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